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Are you arriving on Corfu Island in the middle of the night and worried about finding your accommodation?
Maybe you don’t want to drive on your first day or you simply want to sit back and relax?
We can pick you up at your point of arrival and transfer you where you wish safely and promptly.
We offer professional transfer services at the best local rates for any number of passengers.


Day Trips

Scheria Bus Company is a syndicate of local bus owners that can offer a wide range of modern vehicles and a wide range of day trip choices.
If you prefer to spend your time on the beach but you feel you should see just a bit of this famously beautiful island whilst you are here,
we organise small and fun day trips of Corfu Island at the best local rates. Tell us how much time you wish to spend and we will make sure we throw in a swim or two too.

school trips

School Trips

Due to its historical, cultural and natural interest Corfu Island is visited annually by many schools and other educational field trips.
We comply with all European and Greek transport safety standards and our record is impeccable.
We can provide transport for very large groups at any stage of your trip. Whilst you are planning your trip to Corfu, we can assist you by making sure your time is well spent.
Should you need a professional guide to enliven your learning experience in any main language we can arrange for that too.


Cruise Boat Trips

Come on board our fleet of locally owned buses for the best Cruise Boat Tours of Corfu Island.
We know the best places to visit in the time you’ve got. Tell us on which boat you will be arriving on and on what day and we’ll be there to pick you up and show you why we love Corfu.
You can join one of our recommended Cruise Boat Tours or we can help you plan one for you and your party.
Fill in the Cruise Boat Tour enquiry form and we’ll get right back to you.



We are a syndicate of Corfu Bus Owners who wish to share our love and experience of sharing Corfu Island with those that come to visit us.
We organise private and shared tours all over the island and can help you plan a trip further afield as well. Why not visit mainland Greece whilst you are here?
Our tours cover the entire island from north to south and east to west and can even be modified to suit what excites you most. Plan your Corfu Tour in advance and make it a week long experience.
With us you can also plan to visit your favourite Greek destination or even your international tour trip all year round.



Are you planning your wedding reception in Corfu?
Corfu Island is one of the most treasured destinations to celebrate your union. The beauty is unsurpassable whether you choose  sea and beach or a historical building as a location.
CONTACT US now so that we can give you an idea of our reasonable prices and make the whole wedding idea seem more real.
Even if you are planning a year in advance we can help you plan ahead so that you feel relaxed and assured when the big day comes.



Corfu Island has become a leading destination in Conference Tourism.
Easy access from many central European Cities as well as a high standard of accommodation and services make it an ideal location for any Conference.
We believe it is because of Corfu Island’s incredible beauty that people join us from around the world time and time again.
Contact us during the planning stage of your Conference and we can guarantee the best prices as well as the best local transport service on the island.


Religious Trips

Corfu Island is home to some twenty Greek Orthodox monasteries.
The island’s beauty, strong energy and majestic atmosphere attract many spiritual seekers of all paths and is the ideal place for spiritual solitude and introspection.
Scheria Bus Company can organise your entire tour to include churches and monasteries on Corfu Island that are open to the public for you and your group.
From Corfu Island we can also visit Meteora on mainland Greece in a comfortable day long religious tour.

religion trip

Special Interest

We do cycling to mountain hiking and from gallery visiting to wedding receptions.
We have the local know how and the variety of vehicles to meet most specific interest requests on tour.
Fill in our booking form and let us know where you need to get to, when and for how many people and we’ll get you there safely, promptly and in comfort.
Scheria Bus Company is a syndicate of local bus owners that have the longest experience in providing a professional transport service whatever the demands are.


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