Scheria is the name of The Corfu Bus Company.

A syndicate of private Corfiot bus owners united by their common interest to provide the best possible service at standard market prices.

“Working together has made it possible for us to provide a wider range of services all year round” says one of Scheria’s members.

Scheria is run by the people of Corfu for the people of Corfu and for all those that come form near and afar to visit our beautiful island.
In myth, Scheria is the name of the island presumed to be Corfu in Homer’s epic “The Odyssey”. It is the island whose kingdom offered the hero Ulysses heart warming hospitality and saw to his safe return travel home to Ithaca.

Scheria is an official travel company of professional bus drivers that belongs to the General Pan-Hellenic Federation of Tourist Enterprises (GEPOET) which is the body that collectively represents Travel Enterprises in Greece.

Today our intention is to offer the same renowned hospitality and service to our visitors as our ancient ancestors did.

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