Beaches Corfu


  1. Chalikounas Beach SOUTH WEST

Chalikounas Beach belongs to an entire area that has been designated as a natural reserve. It is unique in that the beach is separated from a large salty lake, called Lake Korission, that runs along behind it by a narrow sandy road. Many types of bird and other rare plants have made it their home here.

The beach itself is a long stretch of coastline with golden sand and shallow clear waters. Due to a daily breeze that comes in from open Mediterranean waters many kite surf enthusiasts hang out here too. The beach is big enough for privacy even during the busy summer months.

A small beach bar serves drinks long after the spectacular Chalikounas sun sets. You can only get there by private transport but with plenty to see and do in the area and some good traditional tavernas it is definitely one of the top beaches on Corfu Island.

PLUS – Shallow friendly waters

MINUS – Little shade, can be windy


  1. Agios Georgios Pagi NORTH WEST

There are at least two beaches with the same name on Corfu Island. This is Agios Georgios ‘north’ of the nearby Pagi village. The word ‘pagi’ actually means ice in Greek and the waters here are known to be colder than other parts of the island.

Agios Georgios beach feels like a large natural embrace that sooths you with its healing blue and green coloured energy balm. The bay is protected from north westerly winds and is a preferred destination for first time windsurfers, divers and small boat sailors.

The nearby cliff top village of Afionas offers one of the most spectacular views and sunsets on Corfu Island. There are plenty of beach tavernas available and any other amenities you might need. The atmosphere, however, remains peaceful all summer long.

Agios Georgios beach is unique in its feel and well worth a visit during your stay.

PLUS – Protected by winds, steady depth of water

MINUS – Water can be cold but refreshing when weather very hot!


  1. Avlaki Beach NORTH EAST

Avlaki beach is situated on the north east coast of Corfu Island and looks north towards the Adriatic. Beautiful perfectly white pebbles cover this fairly large beach. Another of the island’s natural reserves called Erimitis that remains untouched by building work is nearby and accessible on foot.

Only two very good tavernas are by the beach and can be a refreshing haven during the hot hours of the day. Avalki beach is protected from south winds and will pick up any north summer breeze coming its way.

Avlaki is one of the larger beaches that is typical of the north east coast. From the nearby San Stefanos fishing village you can also hire a small motor boat and discover the area by sea.

PLUS – Good food

MINUS – Stones can be tricky to walk on and entering the water can be difficult for some people.


  1. Barbati Beach CENTRAL EAST

Barbati beach is one of the most popular beaches on Corfu Island due to its proximity to Corfu Town but is also known for the beautiful colour of its waters and the small pebbles that cover this large family beach.

Barbati looks south towards Corfu Town and is under the spell of the majestic “Megas Gremmos” mountain canyon that hangs above it.

Barbati does get very busy during the summer months and has plenty of trendy beach bars and restaurants that serve ice coffees and cold beer all the way to the waterfront. Late evening or early morning sunrise is the best time to capture the essence of this beautiful beach.

PLUS – Accessible, shade

MINUS – Busy


  1. Glyfada Beach CENTRAL WEST

Glyfada is one of the classic sandy beaches on Corfu Island and one of the first to become a beach hotel resort. Its shallow crystal clear waters and golden sand beach make it the preferred family beach for Corfiots and tourists alike.

It is the most accessible beach from Corfu Town and is close to nearby Aqualand, the Corfu Golf course and the pretty hilltop village of Pelekas. You can easily visit when exploring the central west of Corfu Island.

Glyfada has plenty of parking space and many restaurants to choose from. It is best visited in late afternoon or early morning and the best spots tend to be towards either end of the beach.

PLUS – Easy access family beach

MINUS – Busy


Source: sandovillas

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